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Jurong Bird Park

Although I'm still in love with KL Bird Park, I met 2 special animals I have never seen in real life before. They were the African Penguins and the Snowy Owl. For them, I would love to visit Singapore again. Here is Jurong Bird Park.

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Singapore, August 24th 2011

I was told by the staff from Luxurious Tour from whom I exchanged my iVenture Card's voucher that the bus to Jurong Bird Park stops at the taxi stand behind Concorde Hotel. He told me that the bus has 'this'. He pointed on the colorful picture of birds on Jurong Bird Park's brochure. I was so glad having been informed so, because Concorde Hotel wasn't listed as one of the stops on Jurong Bird Park's website's visitor info. That staff assured me that the bus to Jurong Bird Park will come at 9:15 AM but also warned me not to be late.

Therefore, after a breakfast and a brief morning walk, I was already at the taxi stand behind Concorde Hotel at ten to nine. I waited for a colorful bus painted with birds. One two big tourist buses stopped and went. They were buses for big group of tourists. They stopped several meters away from the taxi stand and had neither a single picture of a bird on it. Minutes went by. It's nine o'clock.

I watched a big bus stopping in front of another hotel at the other end of the lane. Yes, the road behind Concorde Hotel is more like a lane. The width is just enough for 2 cars. Therefore, if a bus doesn't stop exactly and precisely by the end of the road, no other car can pass by. This was what happened. I don't remember the name of the hotel. It was a big hotel, though. It should be at least a 4 star hotel. Apparently the bus was waiting for a guest to pick up. Meanwhile cars behind the bus started to honk. Then I saw someone coming out of the hotel and walking to the bus. She didn't run. At the door she turned her head. Oh... there's another fellow. The honks of the car grew louder. If I were the bus driver, I would be terribly mad. I always don't understand why one can be so at ease while keeping others waiting.

Nine past ten. None other vehicle except for taxis did really stop at the taxi stand. I had been standing under the taxi stand shelter with another lady. An elderly gentleman then came. They spoke something in Mandarin. Then the gentleman turned to me with a piece of paper in his hand. I immediately shook my head. "I'm sorry. I don't speak Chinese."

Nine past fifteen. A light brown van (mini bus) slowed down and stopped. Ah... could it be this one? But it's so colorless and it's not a bus...? However, learning from past experience the other day when waiting for Hop-on Hop-off Bus, I quickly stepped forward to the door and asked the Chinese-looking lady driver,

"Does this go to Jurong Bird Park?"

She nodded. Yay!

The Chinese gentleman who talked to me just now also approached the driver. They spoke in Mandarin. Next, he and the lady who had been standing with me at the taxi stand, got into the van. Oh! So they both in fact wanted to go to Jurong Bird Park also! Ah. If only I could speak Mandarin...

The fare was $4.5. It took about an hour until we arrived at Jurong Bird Park. On the way, we stopped at the basement where I exchanged bus to Sentosa Island. So, if you are going to Sentosa Island, you can take this van also. Or, after visiting Sentosa Island or Universal Studio, you can take this van if you want to go to Jurong Bird Park. I didn't check what time we arrived at that basement, but you can look that up on Jurong Bird Park's website.

Tara! Welcome to Jurong Bird Park.

The Chinese Duck shared the same pool with the African Penguins. Ah... Chinese Duck... reminds me of Chengdu...

What do you think is in the mind of the bird on the right?

What's the next story?

The ranger put some snacks inside this rope knot resulting with the parrot snuggling the knot.

Public intimacy?

This, a product of my Nokia N86.

This, a product of my Canon EOS 50D

This is the female Snowy Owl. The place was very, very dark, and flash camera wasn't allowed. So if you think there's too much noise, I have given you the reason :D In addition, the owls are kept behind a glass compartment. That made it a double challenge for me to capture these cute creatures.

Click here for more information on Snowy Owl.

This is the male Snowy Owl, because its feathers are pure white. The male Snowy Owl seemed rather shy. He always stayed far at the back... and then disappeared to somewhere I couldn't spot out. A few minutes later I returned, but he still wasn't nowhere to be seen.

I wonder how does that whitey thing on the tree and on the ground feel like? Is it artificial snow?

Thanks a bunch again to Nokia N86. I slipped my cellphone through the cage bar and thus could get a clear picture of Mr. Hornbill.


You can get around the park by this monorail. The fare doesn't include the admission ticket. But, I didn't need to pay, because the ticket was already included in my i-Venture Card. Yeehaaa!!

I've seen love birds a couple of times already. But I never knew about the first paragraph.

What? There's a blue love bird?? Oh... I do wish I will see one in real life one day.

I just love the picture drawing. So cute...

My lunch before heading back to my hostel. It cost $9.9. I didn't buy a drink, because I had with me a full bottle of tap water which I got at my hostel. Yeah, in countries where living cost is high, tap water ought to be drinkable.

My story in Jurong Bird Park continues to next post about the penguins. See you there!

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