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Sunset on Phu Quoc

Some pink clouds made up for the black ones. I stayed until dark.

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Phu Quoc, August 31st 2011

After the 1-Day Tour around Phu Quoc, I returned to my hotel, hung my soaked up raincoat (the rain had stopped), and returned to the beach. The side of the sky where the sun should be setting, looked promising.

This is the backside of Moon Resort where I stayed for 2 nights in Phu Quoc. You can see my room from here. Can you guess which one?

So I went to the beach, Long Beach, which was just several steps away from my room, and waited there for sunset.

The waves were splashing pretty hard here. Generally the waves here are harder than on South Beach. But as it is with every beaches I think, the darker the days get, the harder the waves. At night the waves could vaguely be heard from my room. Some people might not like that. But to me, that sound on the contrary, makes me dozing.

This is the beach on the right side of my room. Painstakingly I tried to catch the moment of the hardest wave while the sand beneath me was constantly moving, pulling me deeper into the water. A tripod would definitely be useless. Ah... so difficult.

Now, this is the beach on the left side of my room. I walked along Long Beach and took a look at the other resorts lining along the long, long beach. 'Low season' was it said, but still the beach wasn't quiet either. I can't imagine how crowded it would be during 'high season'. Maybe the waves themselves won't find enough space to roll on.

Coconut trees always reminds me of home country: Negeri Rayuan Pulau Kelapa.

The sand here is unlike on South Beach. It's brownish here.

As you see my camera hooked on top there, this one is a product of my Nokia N86. Not too bad for a cellphone camera, isn't it?

Back to EOS 50D

The beginning of sunset.

The clouds on the sky were extremely marvelous, but...

... some black clouds came tagging along, and...

... covered the sun when the sun was just on the horizon :(
Anyway, do you see that couple there? Looks like they were exchanging vows, huh?

Although I couldn't get to capture the sun when it was right on the horizon due to the black clouds, the sky after-sunset wasn't disappointing either. Some pink clouds made up for the black ones. I stayed until dark.

Back to Cafe Vespa again. I ordered a glass of avocado juice and enjoyed it with green tea muffin I bought in Sai Gon, near Palace Hotel. The waiter in Cafe Vespa was kind. Without me asking, he gave me a small spoon to eat my muffin even though I didn't buy it from his restaurant. I forgot to take a picture of the muffin. It was the best green-tea muffin I've ever had.

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