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"... dalam setiap perjalanan pasti saya mengalami saat-saat breakdown yang parah. Lelah luar biasa, fisik maupun mental, ketika nyasar mencari suatu tempat." from "Scandinavian Explorer" page #167 by Asanti Astari

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Sai Gon, September 1st 2011

... that was what I had experienced.

During my whole SEA Trip, this was when I was at my lowest point. Beware! This particular post is nothing but a list of my agonies.

After checking in to Palace Hotel Sai Gon, I headed straight to Ben Thanh Market on foot, and got there with no much difficulty. On the way back, I looked up at this common view of Vietnam's big cities: the messed up electricity wires. Being already in Vietnam for the 6th time, this isn't anything new. However, this time, those messed up electricity wires seem to be telling different story. It's the story about how I'm feeling.

Number one
: I couldn't figure out how could I miss over 560,000 dongs from my purse?? When did I lose it? Who took it? Am I sure it's lost? Did I spend anything for about 560,000 dongs? That's impossible. But then how come? All those questions kept on rumbling in my mind as I walked the streets of Sai Gon a.k.a. Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC).

Number two: I actually had already calculated carefully how much dong I would need while in Vietnam. However, now that I had already taken out my cash of 40 US dollars to pay Moon Resort, that means my budget for the next 2 countries: Cambodia and Thailand is automatically cut off. And yet, I still have 2 days to go in Vietnam. What if I have other extra needs in the next 2 days? I would have to take out some more US dollar cash to exchange with VN dongs again. Ah.

Number three: Since the time I drew the itinerary of this trip, I had been wishing to go to Ben Thanh Market to buy myself coffee and a blue Kipling handbag I saw last January but couldn't buy at that time, because I hadn't have enough money. Now, I've come again to Ben Thanh Market, but once again with not enough money. I couldn't buy as much coffee as I had wished. I watched those blue Kipling handbags waving good-bye to me. Ah, ah, ah.

Number four: On the way back, I thought of trying a different road. However, I got lost! A NatGeo Adventure mad I was, I said to myself: "Let's get lost!" and continued walking with my right foot starting to ache badly. It was still swollen. I walked and walked, but still I couldn't find Nguyen Hue Avenue. I started to loose the excitement. I turned on the GPS on my cellphone, but Mobiphone's network didn't corporate. Oh... I so wanted to be back right away at Palace Hotel Saigon. I couldn't wait to open my laptop and recalculate my expenses. Where was that 560,000 dongs? After that, I so long wished to dip myself into the swimming pool. A swim would be very nice.

Number five: At last I found my way back. I threw myself on the bed and turned on my laptop and started to recalculate. Lost. That was still the conclusion. Then I replied to Citibank's email which was really an illogical email. It was regarding to the collect call I had made in Penang. And then, I emailed my friend, telling her that I had bought the coffee she asked for. Desperate, I changed into my swimsuit and headed to the 5th floor where the swimming pool was. I arrived at the pool right when a staff was placing the sign "CLOSED". The pool closes at 5:00 PM. Oh, I just wanted to shout out! I had spared extra budget for Palace Hotel Sai Gon, a 4 star hotel, for the sake of the pool, but now I can't use the pool!! If only I hadn't got lost on the way back from Ben Thanh Market, if only I didn't care too much to do recalculating and send emails, if only, if only... Aaaarrrggghhh!!! I already lost my money, and now I lost what I had paid dearly for!! I'm not going to tell you about the gymnasium.

That night I went across the street to Lotteria for dinner. This cost 38,000 VND. I ate the rice, egg, salad, and 2 pieces of fried chicken. The rest of chicken I wrapped with a tissue paper and put in my bag. The Sinh Tourist said I would be picked up by 6:00 AM tomorrow morning. That means I won't be able to enjoy the free buffet breakfast of my hotel. Therefore I have to spare some for tomorrow's breakfast -- in the name of tight budget.

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