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One Short Night in Bangkok

I am determined.

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Bangkok, September 5th 2011

Soon after the hotel staff left my room, I snapped my suitcase opened. For the moment I had no time to admire the luxury of my upgraded room. I threw out the zipped bags from my suitcase and reached for my swimsuit which was also in a zipped plastic bag. I left the boxes of coffee scattered on the carpet. I went to the bathroom and changed into swimsuit. I read on the wall that towels are not allowed to be brought out of the room and that I can borrow a towel from a counter at the swimming pool. Okay. I wore a gown on top of my swimsuit, put the room key and access card in a zipped plastic bag, and walked out of the room. The good thing of solo traveling is that I can leave my room in a mess without bothering about what someone would say or feel. I have to get to the pool as early as possible. I've paid this hotel for the sake of the swimming pool. I'm not going to let my money go in vain like when I was at Palace Hotel Saigon. I must see to it that I get to swim, no matter what. I am determined.

I was truly delighted at the sight of a real swimming pool. I searched around for a towel counter. Nowhere. I went into the gym center. None. Meanwhile I heard people singing which sounded like a church song. I saw a caretaker who was pushing a trolly of laundry.

"Excuse me. Do you know where the towel counter is?"

He shook his head hard. Oh! He doesn't understand English.

Then I saw three wet guys wrapped in white towels, obviously from the pool. They were going to get in the elevator.

"Excuse me," I greeted them.

They did not turn their head.

"Excuse me," I said louder. "Where can I get a towel?" I pointed to them.

"No, no!" said one of them.

The three of them hurriedly went into the opened elevator. "I want to swim, but... "

"No, no!" The door closed in front of my half opened mouth. What's wrong? Why do they seem so scared of me? They think I'm going to rape them? Do I look hot?

I went to the pool, search around, but still couldn't find the towel counter. Ah, this is frustrating. If I miss this swim once again, but because of not being able to find the towel counter, it would be the silliest thing the whole trip.

Then I saw two ladies, one blond and one black. They were both wet and covered with white towels. They were going to the elevator also and were busy chatting. "Excuse me," I said.

The elevator door opened. Now I'm smarter. I followed them into the elevator. "Excuse me," I said once again.

The blond lady turned her head to me.

"Where did you get that towel?"

"Are you staying here?" she asked.

"Sure, I am!" What a question, I thought.

"The towels should be in your room." The blond lady looked surprise and a bit suspicious.

Now the black lady turned her head to me, too. "Yes, it's in the room," she said.

"But aren't we not allowed to bring towels out of the room?" I was surprised as well.

The suspicious look faded away immediately. "Oh don't bother about that!" The door opened and they both went out.

Oh, boy. I sighed and pressed the number of my floor. I grabbed the towel from my room and returned to the swimming pool.

The sky was bright at that time. But obviously it had been raining. Brrr... the water was cold. Now it feels like a long time to reach the other side of the pool. Not long after, a group of Indian boys jumped into the pool with their father or uncle or whoever. The pool was still big enough to leave some space for me to do a real swim, as in sport. I ignored the pain I felt on my sprained right feet. It hurt when the current pushed on my feet. From the pool I could hear the hustle and bustle of Sukhumvit below.

There was a clock by the side of the pool. I targeted myself to swim back and forth for half an hour. Normally I would give myself one hour but with frequent breaks. This time half an hour is enough. I scarcely stopped. Once I stop, I feel colder.

Still under the attempt of making the utmost, I searched for the sauna room while hoping it's really free this time. It was. But... the sauna room was merely a wooden electric cabin. I think 2 small people like me, are the most, to occupy this cabin. Outside the the cabin there's a knob which turns on the heat. The cabin will get heated only after 15 minutes. Anyway, it's free.

Back in my room, I changed my clothes, combed my hair, put on some powder, and was out again. I'll take care of my wet swimsuit and gown later. I must look for dinner. It's late already. I mustn't get sick. The journey is not over.

As I walked out of Omni Tower, I saw a van entering the basement parking lot. On the side of the van was written: "If not Jesus?" in very big letters that covered the whole side of the van. The letters for "Jesus" were bigger than the other. I was amazed. Thailand is undoubtedly not a Christian country. In my home country...? Ah...

I headed straight to Seven Eleven. My idea was to buy a lunch box again, but heat it myself with the microwave in my room. You know what, this is my first time staying in a hotel with a microwave. And then, I'll enjoy my dinner while stretching my legs on the sofa and watching TV. I bought one ice cream popsicle and several cups of yoghurt. I'm going to fill in my refrigerator. You know what again, this is my first time staying at a place where there is a living room, bedroom, dining table, kitchen, and even a walk-in closet, all to myself. Aha, the whole area, I think, is as big as my whole house. For all this, I only had to pay 2,379 bahts for 2 nights. I'll tell you more about my hotel tomorrow morning.

Everything went as planned except for the microwave thing. I couldn't quite figure out how the button on the microwave worked. At first, the meal I had placed on a plate (There're plenty of kitchen and tableware here!) was still cold. I turned the button again. When the bell rang, the surface of my pasta was black! It reminded me of the game, The Sims. Well, if a Sim can eat burned food, so can I.

That night I felt like the richest girl on earth.

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