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Singapore Flyer

It's actually a giant ferris wheel...

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Singapore, August 24th 2011

After an early dinner with the Ohtanis, whom I had stayed with while I was on vacation in Japan, I headed to Singapore Flyer. I can't cease to wonder why Jakarta doesn't make something like this. Mom's reply was: "If we make one, it would run down in no time."

To get to Singapore Flyer, I took a subway to Promenade Station. I wonder how "Promenade" is pronounced in Chinese and in Hindi as translated on this sign.

It's actually a giant ferris wheel...

... with spacious compartments with glass walls on all sides. It's really spacious that you can dine inside but of course with a different fare.

At first I regretted I didn't bring my tripod with me. But then the other me answered back, "Stupid. You think a tripod would do any good? The whole place is moving anyway!"

The Malayan translation here is interesting. "Tiada Jalan Keluar". In Indonesian, that would sound like something desperate, like "there's no way out". So once you are in, you can't get out. If understood literally, that can cause panic to an Indonesian. Hahaha...

I had dinner too early and was a light dinner of several slices of salmon sashimi. Just to make sure that I won't get sick during this long-adventure-trip-still, I decided to fill myself with a small portion of Nasi Pulut Ayam which I bought at Seven Eleven near my hostel. The taste? Much, much better than Air Asia's Satay Combo :P

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